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COC Sneak Peeks Clash of Clans Next Update


COC Sneak Peeks Clash of Clans Next Update

Last week I wrote about the upcoming Clash of Clans Update and now Supercell just announced Sneak Peeks for the update.This time, the announcement is a little different from what we know – see yourself

coc sneak peeks updates clash of clans news

coc sneak peeks updates clash of clans news

November 2017 Clash of Clans Update

First of all, Supercell tells us beforehand that the update will be a small update. I wrote about the update last week and also predicted that the update would most likely be a small one – read my full article here:

Also, the interesting part is that there will be a new troop level – so it’s a Sneak Peek for the Sneak Peek’s 😀

  1. Hog Rider? I don’t think so. Hog Riders recently got the new level and I don’t think they will get another new level soon.
  2. Barbarians, Archer, Goblins? They are still popular in the mid-game for farming and support, but in the end-game, I don’t see them playing any role, even with some more DPS and hitpoints. The mid-gamers can upgrade them and a new level would be more or less useless in the end-game (unless there are other changes to these troops, but that’s nothing I expect in a “small update”).
  3. Wizards? In the end-game, used for funneling only and some more damage and hitpoints wouldn’t change that. I doubt that they will be the one getting a new troop level.
  4. Giants? They are used for the whole game and also within the end-game a lot with Valks and Bowlers. Could be, but their previous new level was not that long ago.
  5. Wall Breaker? Possible, but a new level would be pretty useless. The maxed Wall Breaker performs well against walls without having a new level.
  6. PEKKA? Very likely. PEKKAs aren’t used at all in the end-game and a new level with better stats could change that.
  7. Dragon? With the Baby Dragon, the normal Dragon has a solid competitor. Also, I think that air troops are supposed to get more popular again. Beside a PEKKA my second guess.
  8. Healer? Queen Walks and Bowler Walks are very strong already, so why make them even more powerful with a new level for the Healer? I don’t expect that to happen.

My best guess would be the PEKKA or maybe the Dragon – as always I could be wrong, but these two troops are the only ones that would make sense in my opinion.

Besides that I also expect some balancing of the current troops:

  • Bowler nerf
  • Air Troop buff
  • Miner stats adjustment
  • Skeleton Spell & Clone Spell buff

I also think there will be some more tweaks coming than just a new troop level, but we will see in the next days 🙂

When Will The Sneak Peeks Come?

Supercell announces Sneak Peeks very close their release,  so I think maybe later today or tomorrow. I will keep you updated, so make sure the keep checking back here 🙂

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COC Sneak Peeks Clash of Clans Next Update

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