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How Clan Games Work & How To Win Clan Games (Highest Reward Tier) – COC


How Clan Games Work & How To Win Clan Games (Highest Reward Tier) – COC

The Strongman has arrived with his Clan Games, a new ongoing mode that will reward every clan for working together completing challenges with resources, gems and even the extremely powerful magical items. In this article, I will tell you how the Clan Games work and also how your clan will be able to reach the highest reward tier.

How Clan Games Work

Clan Games are, very basically, a bunch of challenges that will reward you clan points that will reward everyone in your clan with resources, gems and magical items, depending on how many of them you and your clanmates complete.

You won’t compete against other clans, you only compete against the time – the more challenges you and your clanmates complete, the higher your reward tier, simple as that.

So, when you click on the strongman’s camp, you will see a bunch of challenges available.

All of them are not only available to you exclusively, the same ones are also available to your clanmates.

You don’t need to be afraid that you can’t complete all of them, you clan mates with higher Town Halls Level will be able to complete challenges that you can’t complete – it’s all about working together as a team.

When you take a look at each of the challenges, you will see how many clan points they will reward to the clan pool and how much time you have to complete it to get the clan points for your clan.

In the case here, you would have 5 hours time to donate 100 housing space to your clanmates to get 50 clan points.

Once you press the “Start” button, you will get the challenge and your clan mates can’t start this very challenge.

Once you started a challenge, you can’t take another one, but you’ll be able to trash it if you see that you can’t finish it (for whatever reason).

Of course, when you trash a challenge you will not get any clan points no matter how much you have reached, so make sure to only take challenges that you’re able to complete.

When you trash it, the challenge will get available to your clanmates again and you can start a new challenge after a short cooldown.

You’re not collecting the points yourself! All points that you earn and all the points that your clanmates earn will get put together in a pool that will determine how many rewards you will get (as a clan).

You will also be able to choose between multiple rewards, depending on the reward tier you’ve reached, but you need to have finished at least one single challenge during the Clan Game.

…coming soon… I will show you all reward tiers and more details about rewards here as soon as they are available…

If you would like to learn more about the available magical items, I have been putting them together here in an article that teaches you all that you need to know about them:

Strategy To Get The Highest Reward Tier & Magical Items

As being said before, only the highest reward tiers offer the strong and powerful magical items and more resources and gems. Here are some simple strategies that you (and your clanmates) should use to get the highest reward tiers.

It’s About The Team!

The rewards you get are determined by how many clan points your whole clan collects, not how many you finished!

A simple rule here is to not take challenges that are supposed to be done by lower level players – if you take the one that needs 15 Gold Mines to be destroyed as a TH11 and leave the TH8 in your clan the challenge to destroy 5 Eagle Artilleries you will see that your whole clan won’t reach the highest reward tier.

Simply choose those that you can do but leave the easy ones for the lower players.

There is no reason to be greedy, your whole clans’ reward depends on the reward tier and not how many points you personally got.

Be Sure!

If you take a challenge just to take it without being sure that you will finish it, you will waste power and time of your clan.

Clan Games are a game against the clock and if you take a challenge and trash it after a couple of hours again, you took your other clanmates the chance to finish that challenge and now they have less time to do it.

How Clan Games Work & How To Win Clan Games (Highest Reward Tier) – COC

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