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LavaLoonian Farming Strategy For TH9 to TH11 2018 – COC


LavaLoonian Farming Strategy For TH9 to TH11 2018 – COC

LavaLoonian (also called LaLoonian) is one of the most popular attacking strategies in Clash of Clans since the Lava Hound was introduced, but not everyone knows that this strategy works great for farming resources as well for TH9 to TH11.

The reasons why this is actually one of the best farming strategies are something to point out:

  • Can be used for TH9+ in all leagues, also against maxed bases
  • Don’t depend on Heroes, so you can also use it to farm your Hero upgrades
  • You can adapt the composition so you can decide if you want to put more priority on farming Dark Elixir or Elixir

These are three very important things that you shouldn’t ignore – however, when using this strategy for farming you are adapting it a little bit.

How LavaLoonian Farming Works

The strategy itself works similar to the classical strategy – you will let your Lava Hounds tank air damage and send in your Balloons to destroy defenses. Behind the Balloons there will be Minions cleaning off trash building & storages along with the spawned Lava Pups.

This strategy works well enough also to give you 1-Star and 2-Star victories, so you can perfectly use it in high leagues to also farm the league bonus in addition to your loot profit.

At TH11 I make around 300k+ Gold, 200k+ Elixir & 3k+ Dark Elixir net profit per raid (the training costs are already deducted) and can keep all my Builders busy all the time easily – and I’m farming 4,600+ Trophies with it and often without one Hero 🙂

Which Town Hall Levels does GiBarch Farming work for?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Main Purpose

Hitting solid bases for big loot, including the League Bonus.

Pros of LavaLoonian:

+ Can be used without Heroes

+ Very high success rate & often also League Bonus

+ Can be adapted to farm Elixir or Dark Elixir

Cons of LavaLoonian Farming:

– Not that effective without League Bonus

– Requires well-upgraded Balloons & Lava Hound


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LavaLoonian Farming Step by Step

When farming with LavaLoonian, you will need to make two preparations in advance before attacking, that’s combining your preferred setup (which depends on several things) & scouting bases right.

Army Composition

I mentioned in the beginning that you can use this to farm Dark Elixir or Elixir – and you will do that by using a certain amount of Minions & Lava Hounds, that will make your army either more expensive in Dark Elixir or Elixir. If you want to farm Elixir (e.g. you need to upgrade your Grand Warden), you will use more Dark Elixir and vice versa for Dark Elixir 🙂

Here you can see two possible setups that both work for Town Hall 11 (just an example):

As you can see, you can either use 2 or 3 Lava Hounds, more or less Balloons and also switch Haste Spells & Rage Spells to get a good training price for what you want to farm.

Here are the rough numbers your setup should be within:

  • 2-3 Lava Hounds
  • 14-32 Balloons
  • 12-30 Minions


This strategy is not working very well in building a funnel, especially when one of your Heroes is upgrading right now so you shouldn’t go after bases that use a wide centralized ring, like this one here:

You want to get the Town Hall to get your League Bonus & because 20% of the available resources are stored in there, so look out for bases like this one here:

Attacking with LavaLoonian

Performing your attack with LavaLoonian is actually quite simple once you got a base. You will simply attack NOT the opposite side from the Eagle Artillery and into the Storages you want.

Deploy your Lava Hounds, your Balloons and your Minions right after each other and then deploy your Rage Spells / Haste Spells.

This is how your attack will look like and then you actually pretty much watch how it develops and at the end, you’ll use the Heroes for cleaning up or going for the Town Hall etc.

LavaLoonian Farming Strategy For TH9 to TH11 2018 – COC

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