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Star Wars Force Arena – Top 10 Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide – Game Cheats


Star Wars Force Arena – Top 10 Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide – Game Cheats

What’s up everyone there is another amusement upcoming and it is star wars: drive field. It is fundamentally a clone one might say of Clash Royale, hit amusement from a year ago that million portable players have played on insane measures of levels. This one brings a smidgen of an alternate zest, a tad of an alternate flavor. I am going to go over the top 10 tips and tricks to get you started into Star Wars: force of arena.

Star Wars Force Arena Cheats hack

Star Wars Force Arena Cheats hack

1. Get Your Rewards From Pre-registering

Immediately on the off chance that you are a piece of the pre-enlistment it implies that they gave you a huge amount of acknowledge to play for. They are giving all of you writes of motivating forces to be one of the initial million individuals to enlist. That is extraordinary, yet in the event that you are not comfortable with the class don’t spend every one of your credits without a moment’s delay.

2. Do Not Level Up Too Fast

Step up too quick can accomplish more mischief than great and I say that in light of the fact that while it depends on understanding on when you get to the following level. It is additionally in view of what level you’re at, not just quite recently that. In the event that you have better cards, you’ll play against individuals with better cards and that may be somewhat more intense. For a few people they may exceed expectations at this in the event that they’re utilized to the class, so utilizing every one of the credits you got amid that pre-enrollment extraordinary could place you in a best spot where you’d get a kick out of the chance to be.


3. Battle Tip #1

While setting your troops, you don’t generally need to put them in advance. You can put them at the back with the goal that they need to work their way up the combat zone while despite everything you’re gathering vitality and they’re not taking harm meanwhile. It can make a greater gathering by setting them at the back and the thing is you don’t simply need to tap them. You can snap and drag them on the guide so it’s constantly best.

Presently a great deal of times you’ll discover at an opportune time in the more current levels and more up to date individuals is that you may need to simply produced them forthright to manage other individuals doing likewise. Keep in mind that on the off chance that you are somewhat quiet you can put them at the back and work your way to the front and after that get an immense push in and it is something that many individuals experience difficulty managing.

3. Try not to Rush Your Upgrades

Try not to update the greater part of your troops from light to dim the main possibility that you get. It is very tempting and you will have the capacity to update them. The thing about it is you fundamentally need to concentrate on one side to learn and not just simply that deck. They give you mission rewards to do the light and the dull, so you need to locate a decent adjust however in the event that you’re simply concentrating on redesigning the greater part of your cards without a moment’s delay at that point augmenting the power out of one deck versus having a bundle of cards that you can’t use at larger amounts will be somewhat harder.

Get more an incentive out of your overhauls by acclimating yourself with one set deck and afterward endeavor to make that work. Rather than endeavoring to update the greater part of your cards at a low level, attempt and overhaul a specific sum and after that perceive how they function for you before proceeding onward to the next ones. That backpedals to tip number one, to the extent sparing some of those credits that you can change your deck as required without spreading yourself too thin.

4. Get Your Free Packs

At the present time here’s a major one and this is a piece of that exceptional thing that goes for diversions like this. Free packs are on a chill off and the thing about it is that you can login anytime and these have differing degrees of time. The higher level the deck the more cards you’ll receive in return, which implies the additional time that it will take to open. Ensure and return for the duration of the day to open those free packs. Those cards are significantly less demanding than purchasing those cards on the shop.

With this spending crystals aren’t an effective way. Its really to pay to win strategy, they really don’t do anything other than allow you to speed things up or to obtain other stuff. Save these for when they really matter but if you’ve got the money then spend it.

5. Deck Building

When you build your deck, make sure its diverse. There is a few cheesy strategies out there right now that we don’t have time to get into you. Having things do multiple offensive as well as having some defensive units is actually really good.

Star Wars Force Arena Guide

Star Wars Force Arena Guide

You can check card strengths and weaknesses by clicking on a card and going to the advantages tab. Knowing to have some type of AOE damage to deal with something or having single target damage to deal with some of the heroes that are going to be pushing against you. You need to be able to have diversity in your deck and going all in on one might work for you but when you get to more experienced players those types of strategies won’t work as well.

6. Always Check The Leader Board

This next tips is may not be great for a lot of the early people. As you start to progress and want to know what some of the stronger cards are, you can check the leader board.

Star Wars Force Arena Tricks Guide

Star Wars Force Arena Tricks Guide

See what some of the top people are playing with, now while it will not always work for you because they’ll have cards at different levels or unlocked cards that you might not be going with. It can give you an idea on the play style that people are using to succeed with and the top level meta which is basically what’s best at the time might not be for you so don’t be fooled by that, but what’s best later in the game could be good early in the game. Especially if you look at the deck composition and seeing what type of diversity they have within their own deck.

7. Join a Guild

Now this is little bit of a weird one but at the same time they can be highly valuable. At level 3 you can join a guild and this can often times be a really good place for a lot of people. You can practice against other players without worrying about players skills or rewards and losing or gaining experience.

Star Wars Force Arena - Top 10 Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide - Game Cheats

Star Wars Force Arena Tips and Tricks

The biggest thing is while you don’t get the rewards, you can get the experience of combat. The combat experience can really help if you’re trying out a different deck. You want to see what works for you or what might counter it. You can have friendly games without having to worry about getting or losing experience. This is a really good way to be able to excel. Joining the guild cannot be understated and it is a really good way to get further in the game.

8. Combat Tip #2

This might not necessarily be the way to go at low levels. Sometimes you can basically just put everything in one lane and run to the core. But it is best to take out a turn on one side and then switch to the other. As you get more experience more people are more depth to defending. Which means that getting that second tower on the front line is far easier than getting that second tower on the back line.

Do not neglect that other lane. You might have to send a couple of troops back there from time to time.  Giving yourself that advantage to take down that second tower towards the end of the game. While the other one is just trying to focus on getting your one tower down they have a much further distance to go and you have a much easier way of defending and taking down their front our and defending your own.

9. Don’t Get Frustrated When You Can’t Rank Up

For our last tip it’s going to be something for people new to the genre they just won’t understand. It is don’t get frustrated when you can’t rank up . Oftentimes this is based around plateauing around a certain level to where you can’t get to the next tier. Oftentimes it’s just a matter of you need to be more experience with your deck. The most likely cases you need to be able to rank up your cards. You get to a point to where it’s very difficult to go now this is very similar to other games.

When i played clash Royale there were several people that all hit the same plateau. Everybody that you talked to always hit the same plant. It is just a matter of playing more getting your cards up. Remember the higher level you are the more damage and health your structures have. So getting to that next level is also important but a lot of it is based around the deck for finding the right deck composition. There is always going to be that hump and it’s the nature of the beast. The only way to improve and get stronger is to just keep playing.

That’s going to do it for the top 10 tips for getting started into Star Wars force arena. Be sure to subscribe or check back for more updates in the future as this game evolves. It is a brand-new game and if you’re new to the genre you might want to take a few tips in with you before you hit that first combat. It is a well-rounded game with really good strategies put in the beginning to help you excel.

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Star Wars Force Arena – Top 10 Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide – Game Cheats

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