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Whats Coming in Clash of Clans 2018 – COC


Whats Coming in Clash of Clans 2018 – COC

Like every year, I’d like to put some words here about the past year and what’s coming next year. This time, I’d like to cover Clash of Clans a little separately and I hope you will put your comments below with your feedback, thoughts and whatever comes to your mind 🙂

Clash of Clans 2018

This has been a very busy year, although many spread their toxicity about how lame this year 2017 for Clash of Clans was – looking at it at a recap and comparing it to the same time last year, I think there’s not that much to complain about.

We got the Builder Base, Clan Games, tons of smaller and bigger events. Bottom line this is a lot and when looking back at the same time last year, we have been looking back to a year that brought us nothing else fresh than the Bowler, Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars.

To be fair, Supercell has been pulling out a lot of fresh stuff this year and I have a lot of fun with the game lately compared to the state at the end of 2016 when every single attack was just mass Bowler or mass Miners.

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This, however, is my personal opinion and you don’t need to agree and I also understand every single person being disappointed that matchmaking, clouding and fresh content in the Home Village is still lacking.

And this leads me to what’s coming 2018 in Clash of Clans (well, in my very own opinion & also a little bit of fantasy)…

I really hope Supercell takes the first steps at finally fixing the clouding, that will get a lot more annoying from day to day and needs some fix! Clan Games re fun but not when watching clouds for hours and that’s a fact.

Secondly, I also hope they will address the matchmaking in Clan War (I will not say in which direction and I also don’t want to start an engineering conversation in this article).

Town Hall 12 is also something that is been whispered around the community for quite some time, since Darian said back in October they are looking at the future and dropped TH12 as a POSSIBLE option. I personally don’t think this is something we need now or in the next 12 months with so many people not even being TH11 and the gap will get too big for most players.

I’d rather see some more stuff to personalize my village, heroes or anything else instead of making the big new Town Hall grind again. Also, the TH11 exclusive troop and spell is still missing so I don’t hope for TH12 that soon.

I also hope that seasonal events and Clan Games will get some additional features like one-time obstacles or other special items that will help us customize our village. Don’t forget about the new Clan Badges we’ve been getting in October, It’s very likely that we will see something happening in this direction in 2018 as well 🙂

For the Builder Base, it’s quite sure that we will see BH8 sometime in the first months in 2018, as it’s already in the game and only needs to get activated. I haven’t spent any Gems on the Builder Base when I was BH6 maxed (without walls) when BH7 was released and I’m almost finished in maxing all buildings and the Battle Machine out so I think it will get released sooner than later.

Hard to tell how Supercell will proceed in the Builder Base. I like the Versus Battles a lot and enjoy playing it, but I always have a feeling it’s a Clash of Clans Light and would hope for a little more strategic part there than simply making 3 wins a day and then wait until the Builder is done.

Bottom line I’m looking optimistic into the future with a game that managed to stay a lot of fun after 5 years of playing for me.

Clash of clans 2018

I know that I have been lacking fresh content in the past months due to a load of personal stuff going on – I simply needed to cut time but always tried to keep you up to date with the most important stuff.

In 2018, I will go back to writing more frequently and also be bringing the latest tactics and more guides to you than you might have been used to in the past months – I promise! 🙂

There’s also a ton of older guides that I will need to refactor and bring to the state of 2018.

If you have any suggestions of articles you’d like to read here, please just write it in the comments.

Now, enjoy the last moments of the year 2017 and I wish you a Happy New Year 2018!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Whats Coming in Clash of Clans 2018 – COC

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